Tan Tape

$5 $20

This product is medical grade body tape to be worn under any top to lift and support the chest without having to wear a bra. Each box contains 5 meters of tape which is approximately 3-6 wears depending on your cup size.

Made from Medical Grade Glue (Acrylic Acid Adhesive) which is made to be safe for the skin and has been fully tested on humans.

Hypoallergenic and Latex Free and has been skin tested but please do a patch test before using the product

Recommended not to wear for longer than 8 hours to allow skin to breathe.

Take care when removing from the skin; if you’re experiencing issues please use soapy water or baby oil and peel off slowly.

Packaging is 100% Recyclable

Do not use this product if you have sensitive or damaged skin.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to wear nipple covers with boob tape.

Made in United Kingdom


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