Hey babes! Put down what you are doing and pay attention!! If you are like me and have dyed and fried your hair you are going to want to know about the best salon in Seal Beach, The Parlor Hair Boutique.

     A little background on my hair prior to going to see the magician of hair Ally or as I know her on IG @alyssacatherine_. About two years ago I started getting my hair dyed blonde. I started out with long very dark very healthy brown hair and ended up with very short damaged blonde hair. One day I decided I needed to grow out my natural hair color to make it healthy again and dyed it black with drugstore dye from a box. BIG MISTAKE!!! My hair became even more damaged, was breaking, thinning, and becoming extremely tangled. I LITERALLY had to either wear a hat or bun every day to hide my hair.  I had had enough!!! I decided to try out my sisters hair stylist out who happens to be the amazing @alyssacatherine_ and let me tell you she saved my hair! She was able to give me the cut and color I wanted ( balayage ) and most importantly restore my hair to healthy conditions. The best part is she is so knowledgeable about hair products she was able to tell me exactly which products I need to maintain my hair health on this journey I’m taking back to blonde. Ladies do yourself a favor and book an appointment ASAP! I promise you won’t be sorry. 
 BTW every hairstylist there is amazing one of my best friends goes to @kolorbykelly and she does a phenomenal job as well check out he photos below if you don’t believe me. She took my bestie from fixing a bad dye job to platinum to a beautiful shade of mermaid blue to back to blonde. 
- XOXO UnAffected Babe 
For appointments:
The Parlor Hair Boutique 
307 Main St Seal Beach, Ca 90740
 Final results on my hair by @alyssacatherine_
my sisters hair by @alyssacatherine_
platinum hair on my bestie by @kolorbykelly
mermaid hair by @kolorbykelly